Chaotic United
Owner haloman30
Server IP
Votes 19
Country United States of America United States of America
Version "Paper 1.16.1"
Players 1/20
Launcher None
Last Ping 8 minutes ago
Uptime ▲ 97.616865261228%
Chaotic United

- Dedicated server with 32GB of RAM
- Automated Backups
- Grief Rollback: Contact a Moderator to get any grief rolled back!
- Survival: Mostly traditional survival, with economy
- Creative: 200x200 plots for builds of all sizes!
- SkyBlock: A timeless twist on survival - you're high up in the sky!
- Parkour: Climb to the top, or get to the end.
- MobArena: How many waves of the endless mob horde can you survive?
- Spleef: Be the last person standing in this classic gamemode!
- TheRedCore: Find the Redstone Block before the others do!


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